Conversations Not Sorting As Expected In Textie App

Textie sorts all messages into conversations based on address book matching. When messages in the main conversation list show as being from an email address or phone number instead of a person's name, it means that your iPhone address book does not recognize the address or number the sender has set as their Textie "sending as" address.

If you want that person's messages to show in your conversation list with their name, or to sort into an existing conversation that already has their name, then you should add the person's new contact info to your address book.

To add contact info to your address book from within the Textie app, you can use the Contact Info button that's at the top of the chat view.

Once you are done bringing your address book up-to-date, the email addresses or numbers on incoming messages will be associated with the proper iPhone address book contact, and all messages from and to any of the person's addresses will sort into a single conversation named according to your address book contact name. Your address book picture for the person will also show in the conversation.

  • For performance reasons, as of Textie Messaging 1.0.4, address book matching/sorting is temporarily disabled for address books containing more than 2000 contacts. We've hit the limits of Apple's current lookup API and are looking at alternate solutions.