Receiving messages in Textie

There are only two ways for the Textie app to receive messages:

  1. The Textie app will receive messages when someone replies to a Textie message you have sent to their email address or mobile phone number, using their email app or from their phone SMS. (And their email program or phone must support the "Reply-To:" header, as most, but not all do.)

  2. The Textie app will receive messages when someone uses the Textie app to send a message to one of your registered and verified addresses or phone numbers*. By default, you start out accepting only messages sent to the email address you signed up with. If you wish to accept messages sent to an alternate email address or to your phone number, you need to add and verify that address or number with Textie. Addresses and numbers can be added in the Textie Settings, in the Account section.

*A list of supported mobile carriers is here: